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"What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?"

A Little History:

H&H Robinson began in 1985, when husband and wife ( Herman & Hinda) take on a distributorship for General Research Labs, supporting nutritional supplements for northern California. Now almost thirty years later that has grown to encompase distributorships for Quantum Wave Lasers and Panacea Photonics, along with sponsorship for the not for profit, Healing Circle: with sales and service to our Professionals and general public from California, Texas and Florida.

H&H is currently based in San Diego County California


Founders of H&H Robinson and Associates, Herman & Hinda Robinson

Mission, Purpose & Goals

Our objective & goal is to provide a unique niche in medical technology and healing.

Instruction within, from or associated in any way with this website, directly or indirectly is not intended as Medical Advise. It is strictly for the purpose of sharing knowledge & information, from research sources and from direct interactions, & experiences for any and all trainers, counselors and health care professionals. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO MAKE YOUR OWN HEALTH CARE DECISIONS BASED UPON YOUR RESEARCH & IN PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUR QUALIFIED HEALTH CARE PROVIDER.*