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H&H Robinson and Associates

*"We are dedicated to helping others through the newest innovative technology, nutritional support & products for the new millenium"*


Distributors of PANACEA PHOTONICS, light therapy and pain relief system: The newest version of Iontophoresis delivery, using a homeopathic mixture of formularies, mixed with an induction system using photons of light as a carrier wave/molecule which is simple and very affective. You will believe it when you feel it! 90% results in 4 minutes or less.


*H&H Robinson and Celestial Energy.org, support the non-profit group called the Healing Circle (C)1997-2013 , which trains healthcare professionals & patients.

"We also supply our doctors and health care professionals with General Research Labs (GRL) nutritional products line, from Biotin and Folic acid to enzyme therapy and collodial trace minerals from natural volcanic sources"

Downtown San Diego

Many doctors do not inform patients of treatments that they consider "alternative" or out of the medical mainstream. Many doctors interviewed even went as far as to suggest that if a treatment did not involve drugs and have a major drug company behind it, that he could not recommend it, to his patients. According to Matthew Wynia of the Institute of Ethics at the AMA, "Pateints are not getting the whole story." and that,"coverage limitations imposed by managed care are infiltrating communications between doctors and patients." Nearly one in three doctors, report withholding information from patients, about useful medical services that aren't covered by their insurance companies." This percentage of withholding information, maybe on the rise, according to the studied report.


Summary of the Panacea Photonics, Quantum 1000 lumen Biological Light Systems:

Currently the system utilizes 2 main components:

1.) An LED-550, 1000 lumen light source, powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Available in White, full spectrum and Violet light generators, a carrying case, four Li-ion batteries, 5 to 46 vials depending on system choice and a re-charger.

2.) 46 liquid filled vials, containing combinations of natural biotanical healing substances, including exotic rainforest extracts, herbs, amino acid complexes and other natural substances, based in a proprietary formulation used to decrease symptoms and increase well-being. All vial ingrediants are natural and organic, and are not regulated by the FDA.







If we have faith & believe, that all miracles are possible. Especially here in the United States of America

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